2nd Precinct Crime Highlights-April 2011

posted Apr 30, 2011, 11:12 AM by Ronnie V   [ updated May 30, 2011, 2:36 PM ]
Summarized from Minneapolis Police Dept. web page.

Week ending April 25, 2011

14th & Central Ave. N.E. 4-24-11 2330 11-112701
Victim was walking home when A1 approached and assaulted V1. A1 then attempted to stab V1. V1 kicked the suspect who then dropped the knife. After the suspect dropped the knife, he picked it up and ran from the scene westbound on 14 Av Ne. When V1 and the suspect had fallen onto the grass, V1 noticed a cell phone drop out of the suspects' pocket. V1 retrieved this cell phone and used it to call the police because his cell phone was not working. V1 described suspect as Hispanic male, short stature, wearing blue jeans and had facial hair. A while later Off. located a male who fit suspect description. A show up was conducted and V1 immediately identified A1 as suspect who attacked him with a knife.

Burglary - Business (Northern Star Potato)
3171 5th St. S.E. 4-20-11 2200 11-108197
R1 stated that someone was breaking into the business. When Officers arrived AP1 was found standing near the Northwest corner of the listed business. AP1 stated that he gained entry to the business by an unlocked door. A show up was conducted with W1, where AP1 was positively identified as the one breaking into the business.

Burglary - Business (Northern Star Potato)
3171 5th St. S.E. 4-21-11 0238 11-108481
Officers dispatched to BURGB in progress. This was second one on the same shift at this location. When Officers arrived, R1 stated that he had seen 2 people go up to the building and not come out yet. While Officers were checking the back side of the building, A1, A2, & A3 were seen trying to run away from the building. A1, A2, & A3 were taken into custody in rear of building. All 3 arrested parties had flashlights with them and there was a large wrench next to them that had not been there previously. R1 also stated that he had seen them come out of the building from the building he was sitting in.

Week ending April 18, 2011

18xx Univ. Ave. N.E. 4-12-11 1937 11-099275
The Victim said that she was shot at with a gun while she was in her car. AP-1 matched the description the Victim had given and the Witnesses pointed out AP-1.

Robbery of Person - Aggravated/Kidnap
24th Ave. N.E. & Howard St. N.E. 4-15-11 2320 11-103096
V stated that a black 4 door truck pulled up and a male got out and forcefully pulled her into the vehicle. V stated that she was forced to sit in the back seat with a male who was wearing a black hoodie over his head. She also stated that there were two other males inside the vehicle, one of them was driving and the other one was sitting in the passenger seat. V stated that these two males were also wearing black hoodies over their heads. V stated that the only male she got a good look at was the driver (S1). She stated that he had no teeth and had "a lot" of facial hair. All three suspects were between 30 and 40 years old. The male next to her in the back seat did most of talking. He (S2) first demanded money from her and threatened to kill her. V stated that she did not have any money. S2 then grabbed her purse and started going through it and pulled out the victim’s credit card and then demanded the victim to go to the bank and get out money from the ATM. V again told the suspects that she did not have any money. This angered S2 and he began to punch V several times in the face. The passenger (S3) did not like how (S2) was hitting V and told him to stop and at one point grabbed S2's arm so he would not hit the victim anymore. V also believed that S3 had a gun because she felt something hard pressed against her stomach the entire time she was inside the vehicle. V was dropped off at the intersection of 24th Ave. NE and Washington St. NE. Loss: $60, cell phone, passport, keys, wallet, 1 credit card, and a black and white plush purse.

Week ending April 11, 2011

Robbery of Person - Aggravated 
Central/Spring St. N.E. 4-11-11 1035 11-097721
Victim told Officers that while riding the Rt#10 bus a male punched her in the hand, stole her Ipod and then fled on foot out the bus door. Victim provided Officers with detailed description of suspect who was located two blocks away. Victim was able to positively ID the suspect after conducting a show up.

Theft from Motor Vehicle
4xx 4th St. S.E. 4-7-11 0245 11-092954
V1 heard his roommate's car alarm go off. As V1 looked outside his window, he saw A1 inside of his roommate's vehicle. A1 then left the area and began walking westbound from the rear of 311 5th AV SE. V1 and his roommate/W1 began following A1 on foot as they were updating information to dispatch by cell phone. V1 and W1 watched as A1 crossed the street and opened the door to another vehicle in the rear of 401 4th ST SE. They stated that A1 began going through the vehicle. A black backpack belonging to A1 was recovered behind 401 4th ST SE. This was the same area where Officers saw A1 running as he attempted to elude police. Inside the backpack were items belonging to V1. The items included CD's which V1 identified as his that was taken from his vehicle and a paycheck stub with V1's name on it.

Week ending April 4, 2011

Criminal Sexual Conduct
9xx 23rd Ave. N.E. 3-31-11 0005 11-08568
Victim states that she was at address where S1 & S2 live. Victim states that she was sexually assaulted by both suspects.

Burglary Dwelling
10xx 18th Ave. S.E. 3-29-11 1446 11-083641
Victim stated that a suspect known to her stole flat screen TV and home theatre system from her residence. Victim resides in an up and down duplex while the suspect resides in the downstairs apartment.

Burglary Dwelling
2xx 22nd Ave. N.E. 4-2-11- 1200 11-088461
V1 said that she believes that the burglary was committed by S1 who lives nearby. V1 said that she caught S1 cutting the screens off her windows in the past including the window that was found open. V1 also said two weeks earlier, S1 attempted to break into V1's home with a few other unknown suspects but were caught in the act by V1's daughter and fled the scene. V1 said that she has had numerous problems with S1 and his friends, who she frequently finds trespassing on her property.

Several thefts from newspaper coin boxes also occurred during this period.

V=Victim (V1, V2, etc…)

S=Suspect (S1, S2, etc…)

AP=Arrested Party (person taken into custody or cited & released for a crime) 

W= Witness (W1, W2, etc…)

OT= Other (a party on the scene that often played no specific role or is not a victim)

RP= Reporting Party (Example: “RP told officers there were people trying to break into his neighbor’s house)

EMS= Emergency Medical Service

DK= Drunk

GOA= Gone on Arrival

HCJ= Hennepin County Jail

JDC= Juvenile Detention Center

ID’d= Identified (“He ID’d the suspect as a classmate”)

SHOW-UP =Suspect is shown to victims to see if he/she can be positively ID’d as the person who committed the crime

DOA= Dead on Arrival

MTP= Metro Transit Police

PC= Probable Cause (Evidence points to reasons to be arrested…i.e. “He was booked in HCJ for PC Weapons”)

CRI=Confidential Reliable Informant