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Missing & Dysfunctional Crosswalks

Dear Residents, I'm researching information on Northeast Minneapolis intersections (crossing points) that desperately need a marked crosswalk or flashing signal or where there are existing crosswalks that have installed signals that are malfunctioning or where signage is generally ignored by motorists. Please send me the details including...
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Alley Trawlers (Theft of Recyclables)

Dear Gladys, Who are these strange people I see driving through my alley taking recyclables and other things? D. D., Waite Park 
Dear D.D., Yours Truly has an almost endless list of pet peeves--as you might guess... Read More


Dear Gladys, I was recently verbally accosted by a panhandler on an exit ramp by the Quarry shopping center. I called 911 and reported the person. What else can I do to help clear my neighborhood of panhandlers? T. P., Audubon Park 
Dear T.P., Ahhh, I’ve always said, “Opportunity abounds in this country.” Where else can you... Read More


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