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Interesting Police Calls
--Caller wants to be seen about being locked in the bathroom at the Taco Bell for 15-20 minutes
 --Need squads to respond to a fight in the parking lot of Kinder Care
--There's a rolling domestic that started at the [fast food restaurant] at xxxx University. Vehicle was last seen westbound with female half in and half out of the vehicle (NE Mpls)
--Need a squad to head to Phelps Park for a 13 y/o who says he can't feel his body. He just got done smoking marijuana with someone named Tyree (Pct. 3)
--I just got flagged down on a party who's lying in the grass without his pants (Pct. 3)
--Caller says there's a creepy and shirtless man in a Buick down by the wading pool (Minnehaha Park)
--There are some kids throwing rocks off a pedestrian bridge, and it looks like they've got a mannequin, too, that they haven't thrown yet (S. Mpls)
--Customer trouble at [business]. Meet the caller out front regarding a spiritual advisor (S. Mpls)
--Metro Transit driver needs assistance for a person roller skating on the bus and refusing to leave (Johnson & E. Hennepin)
--Caller said his roommate tried to bury him
--Caller saw a party bus hit a couple of parked cars
--Caller says the suspect assaulted him with a vacuum cleaner--See the caller about Facebook threats (NE Mpls)
--Caller wants to cancel the call about the possible prowler. He found out it was the pizza guy
--Suspect who was making the threats is named Diane, she's wearing a tube top and shorts that say "hoy" on the rear and it's reported that she's drunk (NE Mpls)
--Caller says her 52 year old brother is acting stupid and hit her (S. Mpls)
--The neighbors are yelling at each other, one's threatening to shoot. There's a history of shooting in the past (S. Mpls)
--We got a call about an aggressive perfume vendor in the parking lot at [store] at 13th & Franklin
--Caller hears noise on the back porch. Caller does have a machete (NE Mpls, 11:40p)
--We're thinking that the caller has been drinking
--There's 4 parties harassing passersby and stealing hot sauce from the Chipotle (NE Mpls)
--I have some kind of a mascot, a guy in a pig outfit, who has passed out (NE Mpls)
--Another assault just occurred at the church (DT Mpls)
--Injury accident at 28xx Johnson St. NE, a bicyclist ran into a car
--Send an ambulance for a child who ran their bike into the side of a bus (S. Mpls)
--Caller said his wife is trying to sell his classic car on Craig's List, and there's someone there trying to load it on a trailer now
--Check on a partially clothed individual, an Indian female wearing a white shirt and nothing else (S. Mpls)
--We just got flagged down by two vehicles. Appears to involve hot coffee and road rage (S. Mpls)
--Caller is reporting that a neighbor keeps banging on her walls (S. Mpls)
--See the caller at [NE Mpls address]. She claims she was assaulted yesterday and wants an ambulance today
--At Phillips Park there are two girls throwing pine cones at cars
--Report of 3 year old child that was left with the dog (NE Mpls)

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